This project was focused on creating a user-focused system to organise complex text – in a rather small format! Taking selected pages from Shakespeare's Henry V, the challenge was to create a layout that was appropriate for both studying the text, as well as using it on stage
With this dual nature to the text, the design incorporates a colour coded system to draw attention to important transitions or points. If you're studying the text, you'll be focused on the rubricated key words in the glossary. If you're using it for stage purposes, that focus will be on the italic stage directions. 
The whole layout is given plenty of breathing room to avoid giving the reader any unnecessary hassle whilst trying to find their way through the page.

digital format
In the eBook format, the use of colouring key words makes full use of the digital capabilities offered by incorporating the glossary of key terms into the text. With no separate entry to have to refer to at the bottom of the page, readers save time and energy by instead tapping a highlighted word and having the definition and collations pop up instantly. 
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